At Halo, we want to provide you with a totally personalised customer experience and so we carry out Halos’ full and thorough creative consultation when helping you to decide which hair colour is the right colour for you. This unique concept is the ultimate tool for all of our colour technicians to use within their consultation with you. Our team use their enhanced fashion knowledge and ability to carry out hair, skin and complexion analysis. They then delve into your personality, style, make-up and beauty regime; this results in the creation of beautiful bespoke colours tailored to each individual client.

Did you know?

Black is the most common natural hair colour. Red is the rarest and only exists in about 1 percent of the world’s population, with blonde hair found in 2 percent and that the average number of hair strands varies by natural colour, with blondes having the most with on average 146,000 and redheads having the fewest with on average 86,000.

In Ancient Rome, women used to dye their hair blonde with pigeon dung. Thank goodness for modern-day hair dyes!

Ever heard the saying that blonde’s have more fun?! Well in one survey collected about the relationship between hair colour and personality perception, these were the results;

  • Brunettes were thought to be smart and serious,
  • Blondes flirty and fun; and
  • Redheads serious!

What do you think? Do blondes really have more fun? Want to find out by trying a new shade? We think it’s time to break the mould and try a new you.

Here are some hair colour options …..


Not ready for the whole commitment thing? Why not try our gloss colour range. 

It’s a no-ammonia crème colour range with a high impact shine that lasts up to 20 washes. How perfect is that?! It gives you the opportunity to try an exciting new hair colour without it washing out before you have had the chance to decide whether you like it. It gives you the chance to change your mind and try something else if it just isn’t your perfect match. This range is also perfect for a colour refresh to get your colour back, packing its usual punch of vibrancy.


Our creative permanent range still has that gorgeous high impact shine, but also has the added benefits of banishing those sparkling greys if needed.

Mix Master

Mix master is the equivalent of having an artists palette. These pure concentrated pigment creme emulsions enable us to customise any colour for you, whether that be a subtle change to tone or to a colour with a dramatic impact. Do you have unwanted khaki or yellow tones present in your hair? This range is also perfect for corrective colour work.

True Light

Unwanted warm tones? Banish them with our fabulous true light, also containing hydrolysed keratin, aloe vera and chamomile, yet with the ability to achieve 7 levels of lift, the possibilities are endless.

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