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About our Team and Salon

Our team of Halo Angels are the core of our success. Working together, we’ve created a fun, friendly and supportive yet highly professional environment. Many of our stylists have been with us for many years, since training with us as apprentices!

Become a Halo Angel

Our company culture is what makes us successful and in our culture we celebrate and embrace our diversity and each persons’ individuality. We are the Halo team, not individuals who work for Halo – each person makes it what it is and this is great as we want the company to have a unique and memorable personality. We recruit not only based upon skills alone, but also based on personality. We are an incredibly friendly team who are excellently skilled and professional, but also maintain fantastic relationships in and out of work, as we are all expected to treat each other with respect and care and it works. We are 100%, a special kind of team, where openness and honesty is encouraged so that negativity and unkindness to each other never creeps in.

We are looking for team members not employees, we are looking for people who want a long term career, not just a job. With this in mind, we invest heavily in training. Each team member attends training courses around the UK every year and we also offer continued ‘in salon’ training, with both TIGI representatives, and our team, to ensure everyone is up to date and refuelled with passion, as in life you should never stop learning.

As a company, we are firm believers that you should be in a role where your strengths lie, as this is where you will be happiest. So as well as being a stylist or front of house team member, we also have many branches of growth within the salons if that’s what you would like. Perhaps the creative side of marketing is for you, or you may want to nurture others within training. We want to have heroes in every area and at every level.

If you feel that you would like to become a Halo team member, contact Ami with your CV.

Halo Angels

Our team of Halo Angels is the core to our success. Working together, we’ve created a fun, friendly, supportive and relaxing environment. Many of our stylists have been with us for years, training with us from apprenticeship!