Coronavirus Update

At Halo, we completely understand that the current situation with Covid 19 is quite scary for some people and this can lead to an out of control feeling.  So, we have listed below just some of the procedures we have in place at the salon to ensure that both our team members and our valued clients are kept safe in this current unprecedented time.  We hope this will put your mind at ease so that you can enjoy your visit with us.

  • We are asking team members not to come into work if they are showing any symptoms of Covid 19 or believe they have been in contact with someone who has Covid 19 or is showing symptoms of it.
  • We are asking any clients that are showing any symptoms of Covid 19 or believe they have been in contact with someone who has Covid 19 or is showing symptoms of it to reschedule their appointment. We are also checking all team members and client’s temperatures at entry to the salon using a contactless infra-red thermometer to ensure that there is no fever present for anyone within the salon.
  • We usually offer magazines and tablets complete with Netflix etc. but unfortunately, we are unable to offer those currently so please bring your reading material/device with you. We do offer free Wi-Fi and can give you the code to use it.
  • We normally offer refreshments and cakes and biscuits but again we are unable to offer these so please feel free to bring your own cold or hot drink in a disposable bottle or takeaway cup, together with any snacks. We are also unable to offer water, so you may want to bring a bottle of water with you if this is something you might need.
  • We normally also offer phone charges but again unfortunately these will be unavailable.
  • We will be asking you to leave your coat in the car if possible but if not, you will be asked to keep it with you in the salon.
  • If you have your own mask that you would like to wear, then you are welcome to bring this with you. Please ensure that it goes around the ears and not around the head. If not, we will supply you with a freshly laundered mask.
  • All clients will be asked to sanitise their hands before entering the salon.
  • To reassure you that we are taking everyone’s safety very seriously in the salon, we will be wearing both a face mask and a face shield. We will be washing our hands before and after every service and all tools will be sterilised after every client. Hair sections, wash sections and trolleys are being steamed and disinfected after each client and all towels and gowns will be laundered at high temperatures after every client. Team members will also be wearing a freshly washed uniform every day.
  • Please do not bring any family or friends with you as space is very limited.
  • Also be aware that we are unable to take cash payments currently.
  • We will always carry out all consultations in the mirror, not face to face, to lower the risk of infection
  • We have always carried out strict hygiene procedures and cleaning schedules, but these will now be accompanied by a constant cycle of cleaning around the salon.
  • Weather permitting our doors will be left open as much as possible.
  • Please note there will be a fractional rise in the cost of your hair service of £2.00.  Ensuring we provide adequate safety measures, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for the staff and all of our clients and extra staff for round the clock cleaning and sanitation comes at a cost that threatens the viability of keeping the salon open.  I do hope you understand. 

We hope that this has helped to reassure you that we are going to be doing absolutely everything we possibly can to ensure your safety. We are aware that the experience will be very different from what we usually offer, and we are sad about this, as we are sure you will be too.

However, we are also aware that this is temporary, and until we can resume our usual Halo experience, please be assured that we are keeping the health and safety of our team members and clients an absolute priority , we endeavour to give you the best customer service possible and we still have our lovely, highly skilled team ready to see you, and create beautiful hair.

Many thanks
Ami & The Halo Team